“iPlush– inflatable plush”, is a leader in the development and distribution of unique, high-quality products.

iPlush Toy – inflate a toy, is the one and only company that brings the plush toy industry to a greater level it has never achieved. Our worldwide patented, high quality and unique products have bought this company to a value none have ever attained.

What brings about this great pride? Each huggable, plush character is filled with a patented, high-quality bladder that has the ability to inflate and deflate. This allows easy storage, easy shipping, lightweight, portable and best of all machine washable that makes it hypo-allergenic. These benefits and many others make us one of a kind.

With an all new, extensive variety of huggable, cuddly, colorful and unique characters there is no doubt that you will bond with a personal touch.

It has always been our goal to provide the highest quality and safety standards in innovative products to ensure the play experience surpasses the expectations of both kids and their parents. Available today, there is a most beautiful selection of distinct, custom designs, while our highly skilled, professional designers continue to work on developing, upgrading and bringing new products to the market,

Your success is our success, therefore we work as a team to have the same goals, a great relationship that’s friendly, supportive and most of all honest with integrity. These great relations benefit everyone on a personal and customized level.

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