It is every child’s dream to own a lovable, huggable, cuddly plush toy. Whether at large or extra-large size, it is something they bond with and make it a part of their life story. Yet, at the same moment it is every mom’s nightmare to own large plush toys that simply clutter the home, are not washable and with time get put aside to collect dust.

The retailer, wanting to satisfy the consumer, needs to offer the best and biggest selection of plush toys. This means giving up lots of store shelf space and much of the warehouse for product storage, making it a second thought before investing in much variety.

iPlush has made tremendous change to satisfy all, the child, the mom and the retailer.

Plush toys can now be cuddly, lovable, washable (hypoallergenic), portable and best of all saves you shelf space and shipping costs. With our patented high-quality products of inflatable and deflatable plush, we are making drastic change to the Plush Industry.

Now that you’ve mastered the concept, here is what we have in mind for you. Our goal is to bring joy and smiles to each and every child out there in a positive method that means parents alike. With the significant benefits of storage space, hypoallergenic, compact for travel, lightweight and much more, parents and retailers too acknowledge the innovation. Every home deserves to take pride and joy with an iPlush Toy!
It is our mission statement to create a brighter future for those little munchkins, kids, moms and retailers!

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