Where Innovation Meets Simplicity: iPlush – Inflate a toy

iPlush solves the big problems which all traditional plush toys have. How do I easily store away, travel, tote or clean large stuffed characters? Easy, make them soft, cuddly, and filled with air!

Each iPlush has a durable custom interior balloon shaped like the character with an outer plush jacket. Simply fill it with air using our convenient air-pump & discreet hidden air valve.  When it’s time to store away, easily deflate and fold it up for another day. 

Each iPlush is packaged in a custom made box that can be re-used as a carry bag with a handle. It may include a multi-purpose 2-way air pump, for both inflation and deflation, and with a simplified, friendly manual that has a QR code that links to our visual instructional video. ( It also may include a great carry bag that’ll become your backpack once your iPlush is deflated and ready for the ride! You’ll simply deflate your iPlush and fold it neatly and compactly into your bag.

Each iPlush has been created with lots of creativity and the child’s best interest in mind. We have conducted numerous experiments to bring about the best in each product individually. You may notice that there are some small parts of your iPlush that is filled with soft filling, and that is the result of our proved and tested studies. There are certain parts of each character that the child will need to feel the sensation of something deeper than just plush. Therefore we’ve created each and every one of our products with great mastermind.

iPlush uses the best in quality plush, making it more cuddly and soft for those that have a passion for hugs!

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